Under UK law, employers have a legal duty of care to ensure their employees are not harmed by work related stress.

The Health Bank Account is a dynamic, proactive response to this initiative.

The programme has been designed to be simple but effective. It enables an employer to gain valuable insight into the well-being of their most valuable assets – the employees.

Why is the Health Bank Account so vital?

The Health bank Account redefines stress as 'excessive pressure', which impacts on biochemical, structural and emotional levels.

A free on-line assessment and downloadable key. This pinpoints for the employee where that stress might be emanating from.

Once completed by an individual employee, the results are anonymous and only available to an employer in the aggregated statistical form.

The employer can purchase the statistical data. This collates the overall responses of the workforce, providing a valuable tool in assessing the company’s organisational well-being.

The Health Bank Account workshops are designed to support and encourage employees to make healthy changes to their lifestyles. Sustainable change can only be effective if the decision is made by the employee and supported by the employer. In order to make changes, employees need to follow a personal process of discovery, understanding, determination, action and sustainability.

The Health Bank Account Book provides valuable tips on making healthy lifestyle changes and can be purchased from the shop. It is available either individually for the employee as a downloadable e-book or as a customised booklet batch-ordered by the company.

The Health Bank Account has taken into consideration 6 key areas of work design as identified by The Health and Safety Executive, which has been indicted as the primary sources of stress at work Read more...