About HBA

What is the Health Bank Account?

  • The Health Bank Account is an innovative programme, which evaluates employees' personal investment in their own well-being. It's so simple!
  • A free on-line questionnaire provides an evaluation tool for the employee providing a visual image of credits and deficits clearly demonstrating what health assets and deficiencies are accumulating. The free downloadable key clarifies the results highlighting where attention is needed. This can be a sobering prospect, for those who have taken little stock of healthy lifestyle practices.
  • The overall results of all employees' responses can be purchased as statistical data, demonstrating exactly how 'healthy ' the company is. Most importantly it highlights areas of commonality, pinpointing where the employer might make changes to improve the general well-being of staff; providing focus on where best, to target their resources.
  • Workshop and presentations are available to help incorporate and sustain long-term healthy lifestyle changes in employee's lives.

The Health Bank Account E-book is available through the shop with detailed help and suggestions to encourage healthy lifestyle changes.

A repetition of the on-line questionnaire is encouraged as a necessary check and balance to demonstrate to the employee his/her achievement and also to the employer in demonstrating the effectiveness of the programme.

Stress in the work place has become a key issue for many companies; however tackling this issue is complex as peoples responses to stress differ enormously.

The Health Bank Account recognises that peoples 'well-being' is key to their capacity to cope with stress in the workplace.

Stress will always have a greater impact on those whose Health is compromised.

Most people are either unaware or not unduly concerned of their lack of commitment to their personal well-being because they are not experiencing or recognising the adverse symptoms of poor health. The Health bank Account focus's on helping the employee recognise health risks due to unhealthy practices and aids in finding the impetus to make the necessary changes.

The health Bank Account is a proactive initiative we believe 'Prevention is better than cure'.