The Free On-Line Assessment

Simplicity itself, 'The Health Bank Account' offers a snap shot in time and a chance to reflect.

The Health Bank Account demonstrates the investment employees are making in their well-being by showing visually their credits and deficits on a set of scales.

By answering a fairly extensive set of simple questions a picture is built up.

The assessment is a self-assessment therefore honesty is down to the employee, the results are anonymous and are only retained as statistical data.

We clearly state that the picture is an indication of their personal input into health care and makes no comment on genealogy or inherent weaknesses. Thus an employee with a strong constitution will be able to sustain considerably more stress than one who has inherent constitutional weakness.

The process is not concerned with 'actual health'. We are measuring personal input into personal well-being and welfare. Perhaps more importantly highlighting unhealthy practices that may impact long-term good health.

The measurement of their Health Bank Account will provide them with a visual display of how much responsibility they are taking for their own personal care and give a good indication of what their families might be too.

The workshop is designed to imbue the employees with the tools to support them in taking the steps necessary to engage in proactive preventative Measures, to support their personal well-being.

There is also an accompanying book, which can be purchased from our on-line shop.

Healthy employees are critical to the development of a vibrant, creative and effective workforce.