HBA in a nutshell

The Health Bank Account is a proactive solution to the general lack of investment employees make towards their own well-being

It offers unique attributes:-

  • An employee assessment that gives a visible picture of how much effort the employee is investing in his or her own well-being and a key.
  • Statistical data of the entire workforce that has taken part in the assessment.
  • Analysis of the data to pinpoint areas of commonality in order to best target resources.
  • " The Change Model'' Psychologists, Prochaska and DiClemente (1982) identified a series of stages a person passes through to employ a process of change.
  • The Triad of Health, an innovative definition of stress encompassing emotional, structural and biochemical well-being.
  • The workshop to educate and encourage the process of change
  • A book with healthy life style tips.
  • Buddy triads and e-mail doctor to aide sustainability
  • Journals and story cubes as visual reminders.
  • A Quantifiable assessment. Repetition of the questionnaire after suitable period demonstrating greater investment in well-being.
  • A discernable outcome; Statistical data available to companies showing overall greater well-being investment by employees with less sick days as a result.