Clear Programme Objectives

To offer a Company well-being assessment that provides both a visual picture and supporting data in compliance with the HSE management standards guidelines

Employees to complete a free on-line 'Health Bank Account' assessment, which provides a snapshot picture demonstrating possible health credits and deficits. A free downloadable key aids the employee discern their results. If employees are not aware of their personal investment there is no impetus to change.

By providing the unique use of a framework which analyses stress as physical, chemical and occupational/emotional, we can help the employee choose the most suitable path of alleviation for them and that which is the most cost effective.

To provide the accumulated data flow from the collated responses of the entire workforce, which pinpoints via the framework described above, areas of commonality and thus indicating where solutions can be communal or more individual enabling a tailoring of the workshop, focusing resources to where they are most needed.

To offer a one-day workshop: The employees are encouraged to analyse their statement of results with the help of the key, demonstrating personal investment in their own well being, to determine appropriate action.

To educate employees on the process of change so they understand the structure and components of the day.

A book is available to provide detailed help and suggests for a healthier life style.

To encourage Employees to adopt a proactive response to personal well-being.

To sustain employee's change towards healthy practices in their lifestyles by introducing buddy groups to support and encourage each other.

To provide on-going support through the e-mail 'Doctor' to help the buddy groups make the right choices, to sustain their momentum by offering exercises and follow up encouragement.

To help the Company support and encourage employee's by designing a voucher system, which responds to employees who are embracing the programme and monitors effective checks and balances.

To revisit the on-line 'Health Bank Account' and provide the company with the statistical data charting the improvement of the employee's investment in health and therefore an improvement in their general well-being.

To offer a half day follow up workshop, after the programme commenced to evaluate, reinforce and sustain long term healthy practices so real change can take place.