The Health Bank Account is associated with Life Quest

Life Quest is a company, which promotes, facilitates and researches well-being practices.

Life Quest was founded in 1997 by Suzanne Lane, as a vehicle for developing innovative approaches to encourage the incorporation of healthy lifestyle changes in contemporary health culture.

Lifequest believes proactive health care is the most effective tool in reducing the symptoms of stress in a work environment and has consistently striven to combine tried and tested traditional methods with the new and innovative.

Life Quest addresses issues such as encouraging employees to take responsibility for their well being by adopting healthy practices into their lifestyle.

We believe such issues are critical to the development of a vibrant, creative and effective workforce. We are dedicated to increasing awareness of natural well being.

Moving forward

In early 2006 Suzanne collaborated with a wide group of professionals from different disciplines combining the philosophies and working practises of complementary health with the more established and well-documented health models.

The result is a unique programme ‘The Health Bank Account’

Working in a pressurised environment is all too common these days and so is stress related illness. The Health Bank Account provides a snap shot in time of an employee's investment in their well-being and arms them with the realisation tools to encourage and sustain change.

Life Quest is structured around a core group, but works closely with a much wider pool of well-being experts.