HBA is structured around a core group, but works closely with a much wider pool of complementary health specialists.

  • Suzanne Lane
    Founder and designer of The Health Bank Account© 2006

    Suzanne is a multi skilled professional with eighteen years experience in a high-pressure financial environment. She became interested in nutrition and well-being in 1996 when her baby son exhibited symptoms of asthma. After five months of concern and the lack of an allopathic solution, she visited a homeopath and took nutritional advice.

  • Stewart Lane
    Coaching, Consulting, Training, Facilitating

    Stewart Lane is a consultant, coach and facilitator for visionary entrepreneurs, creative's and leaders with over twelve years experience. He is also a keynote speaker and event designer, delivering programmes on innovation, forward thinking and organisational transformation. His specialism is in applying breakthrough discoveries in modern science, such as neuropsychology and field theory, to the areas of performance, motivation, communication, business growth, project management and idea creation.

  • Joanne Nunn

    Jo is a qualified and experienced coach and facilitator with clients across a range of different industries. Jo provides consultancy on change management, leadership, team development. She strongly believes that organisations thrive through investment in their people and that individuals perform at their best when they are healthy and happy with themselves and their environment. Jos has been working with a number of organisations to support staff in wellbeing whilst stressing the importance of self awareness and personal responsibility.

  • Giles Lane
    Director Proboscis Ltd

    Co-founder and director of the innovation company Proboscis, Giles has provided advice and support on producing ebooks and publishing through, one of its unique initiatives. The Health Bank Account has benefited from the innovative tools devised and designed by Giles and his team who have perfected the art of 'publishing at your fingertips' from story cubes to creating journals and publishing booklets.

  • Richard Piotrowski
    Director The Logic House

    Richard leant his expertise to 'The Health Bank Account' in 2006 when he designed and built the HBA questionnaire and website. Richard has continued to offer his help and support over years as The Health Bank Account developed and metamorphosed from a fledgling idea to an innovative and ground-breaking programme.