Stewart Lane

Coaching, Consulting, Training, Facilitating

Stewart Lane is a consultant, coach and facilitator for visionary entrepreneurs, creative's and leaders with over twelve years experience. He is also a keynote speaker and event designer, delivering programmes on innovation, forward thinking and organisational transformation. His specialism is in applying breakthrough discoveries in modern science, such as neuropsychology and field theory, to the areas of performance, motivation, communication, business growth, project management and idea creation.

In 2010, he launched the SuperQuantumLightField (SQLF) methodology as a package of bespoke training and intervention modules to assist fast track change and development geared at understanding and operating successfully within the modern world's rapid transforming trends and markets.

He currently works with a number of private, public and third sector organisations. In addition he has worked with TUI Education, BT, Customs & Excise, Honda (UK), Centrix, Crisis, Training & Development Agency, NCSL, Tower Hamlets Local Authority and Marsh to name a few.

With his SQLF and consultancy work he is able to combine his love of learning, personal and organisational development and motivation to support and inspire people to fully realise their potential, communicate and relate with respect and dignity and see how they can honour their own values and contribute to make a real difference.