Definition of stress

Dr George Goolheart developed the concept of the triad of health some 35 years ago.

The Triad of Health

This theory is based on our health being dependant on a balance of emotional, structural and biochemical well-being.
(Each item being one side of a triangle)

We can deal with a considerable amount of stress provided our Emotional, structural and Biochemical well-being remain intact.

It is important to point out that stress is not limited to the emotional state. The triad can be compromised by stresses on any of its sides.

  • Structural
  • Bad posture
  • Sitting too long
  • Over exercise
  • Inappropriate exercise
  • Repetetive strain injury
  • Poor sleeping posture
  • Grinding or Clenching teeth
  • Emotional/Occupational
  • Home life
  • Work
  • Family
  • Friendships
  • Responsibilities
  • Finances
  • Noise Pollution
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Biochemical
  • Poor diet
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Pollution
  • Toxic overload
  • Virus or Bacterial infection

If one of our supporting mechanisms is overloaded, we can no longer support the other two sides of the health triad. As a result in some people, the triad collapses on all three levels and our health is compromised. The problem may have occurred in one area but often we need to address all three sides of the triangle in order to rebalance and enjoy good health.

By far the best treatment for any ill health is prevention.
Any prevention is best achieved by healthy life style practises.