A programme of support to ensure sustainability

The workshop

A framework to tackle stress related issues.

The Health Bank Account Workshop is designed to support and encourage employees to make healthy lifestyle changes.

In our 'programme overview' we discuss the process (discovery, understanding, determination, action and sustainability) employees need to follow in order to make sustainable change in their lifestyles.

The workshop guides the employees through the process helping them indentify and understand how to initiate change so that daily health choices can be made that support their long term well-being.

The HBA book/e-book

The HBA book/ebook gives tips and explanations of how to make the appropriate healthy lifestyle changes that best suits the employee. Helping the employee make informed choices based on their questionnaire results, ensures that they are following a process that would guarantee a positive outcome.

Buddy Triads

Buddy groups have long been used successfully in counselling and coaching workshops. They are an efficient and cost effective way to achieve supported and sustained change.

The buddy relationship will consist of three randomly selected employees who will work as a supportive group over an agreed period. For change to really happen it needs to embed over a period and it needs to be supported.

Quick wins and long term commitments

Quick wins and long term commitments will be part of the discovery sessions. The first discovery will be the questionnaire results, the second will be in 'The discovering and understanding well-being'. Employee's will be given examples of the interaction between the three arms of the triad.

  • Emotional/Occupational
  • Structural
  • Bio-chemical

Employees will be offered opportunity to identify where they feel their individual health maybe compromised and where they might make both immediate small changes and more substanitial long term changes.


A downloadable e-book that the employee completes to encourage sustainability.

Email Doctor

The e-mail doctor provides the employee with e-mail support.