Suzanne Lane (Mitchell)

Founder and designer of The Health Bank Account© 2006

Suzanne is a multi skilled professional with eighteen years experience in a high-pressure financial environment. She became interested in nutrition and well-being in 1996 when her baby son exhibited symptoms of asthma. After five months of concern and the lack of an allopathic solution, she visited a homeopath and took nutritional advice. The results were almost immediate and successfully averted the use of inhalers. As a result Suzanne launched her considerable energies into investigating and promoting all kinds of well-being practices and techniques, with a particular interest in preventative techniques and diet.

Suzanne has also undertaken a number of personal development courses, many as a result of her insurance career including numerous supervisory and people management courses, such as The Wilson Learning Series, 'Social Styles' and the 'Counsellor Salesperson'. She has also undertaken, 'Introduction to Psycho synthesis' and psycho-dynamic counselling.

Suzanne runs her own private practice in Cambridgeshire, she writes and facilitates numerous workshops encouraging clients to take responsibility for their well being by adopting healthy practices into their lifestyle.

Suzanne also manages the Lifequest portfolio and is committed to raising awareness for the need of proactive responsibility in personal well-being. She has made it her mission to play an integral role in incorporating this message into contemporary health culture